Department of Theatre and Film

Department Head: Randal Blades,

The Department of Theatre and Film offers supporting courses for the Master of Arts (MA) with a major in Integrated Studies. For students majoring in Secondary Education with a teaching field in English Language Arts, supporting courses are offered for the Master of Science in Education (MSE) degree. A graduate degree program is not offered in Theatre or Film.

THR 475  Special Problems in Theatre  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor.

Individually designed and supervised research projects or production assignments.

THR 560  Dramatic Literature Projects  (3)  

Individually designed and supervised projects combining research and practical work in specific areas of theatrical endeavor.

THR 581  Directed Studies  (3)  

Independent research in areas of drama: literature, directing, acting, design, and education. May be duplicated for credit for a total of 6 semester hours.