Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative Education is a unique partnership between the University, industry and business community.  Professional employment allows the student to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to the workplace, in addition to the development of intellect and culture within their major fields of study.  The co-op program is designed to be an integral part of the graduate student’s academic program.

Cooperative Education allows graduate students to work full–time/40 hours per week or part–time/20 hours per week in a professional workplace, while pursuing at least 3 credit hours (alternate schedule) and 6 credit hours (parallel schedule) at Jacksonville State University. 

There are no fees associated with the Graduate Co-Op Program, and if approved,  students are provided full–time enrollment status, while on work assignments of hours 20 hours per week (parallel). Students awarded scholarship contact  

Eligibility Criteria for the Graduate Cooperative Education Program

Eligibility for the Graduate Co-op Program is based on academic achievement at Jacksonville State University.

  1. Students must receive approval from their Department Head to work on a semester basis in full or part – time assignment. 
  2. Students must be in good academic standing, with a GPA of at least 3.0 (B).
  3. Approval of 2 faculty within the department of the degree program pursued, one should be the students advisor, including the completion of a Faculty Recommendation form with - in the co-op application. 
  4. Research for master’s theses may be related to the work assignments and is jointly supervised by Jacksonville State University’s faculty and company staff. 

Requirements for the Graduate Cooperative Education Program

Students must report an interview and a hire to the Co-Op Coordinator, when obtained via assistance from Career Services office or its JLink listing.

After a student is hired, the student must inform the co-op coordinator and the student will be added to the roster for the upcoming semester of the co-op program.  Co-op students must register for co-op every semester during the scheduled Pre-Registration or Open Registration for the upcoming semester while working in a co-op work assignment.

Every co-op student and supervisor must complete an online evaluation no later than the mid-term grades due date.  Failure to receive 2 evaluations per co-op student will result in an incomplete grade (I) letter grade or pass/fail. 

Procedures for Participation in the Graduate Cooperative Education Program

  1. Complete the Co-Op Application and attach the following documents to the form: 
    1. Two (2) Faculty Recommendation Forms completed online, one completed by advisor
    2. An updated copy of the student’s resume
    3. An unofficial copy of the student’s transcript
    4. Copies of I-20 forms, if you are an international student
  2. Register for three (3) credit hours in a course listed in your department
  3. Register for co-op class on a semester basis, so that your transcript will reflect co-op participation.  (Co-op on your transcript will designate you as a full – time student while on your Co-op assignment.) Students on scholarship contact

Note:  Cooperative Education is not to be considered a form of financial aid and will not provide adequate funding to support educational costs.

To learn more about the Cooperative Education Program, a student should contact the dean's office of the student's major to be directed to the career development coordinator: Arts and Humanities (256) 782-5690, Business and Industry (256) 782-8533, Education and Professional Studies (256) 782-8200, Health Professions and Wellness (256) 782-5425, Social and Behavioral Sciences (256) 782-5333, and Science and Mathematics (256) 782-5225. 

Alternating Co-op Education Program 

CEA 510  Alternating Co-Op Education  (0)  

Cooperative education experience consisting of educational/experiential training (approximately 40 hrs./week). Students alternate semesters of full-time classes with semesters of full-time training. If approved, students are provided full-time enrollment status.

Parallel Co-op Education Program

CEP 510  Parallel Co-Op Education  (0)  

Cooperative education experience consisting of educational/experiential training while attending classes simultaneously. Students must take a minimum of six semester hours each semester. Students usually perform 15-25 hours per week of on-site training. If approved, students are provided full-time enrollment status.