Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Interim Department Head: Dr. Christi Trucks, 

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences offers a diverse, challenging, and rewarding field of study to help individuals improve personally, to make informed consumer decisions, to enhance the quality of life for families and consumers, and to prepare for exciting professional careers.

Family and Consumer Sciences

FCS 500  History and Philosophy of Family and Consumer Sciences  (3)  

Investigation and study of the historical foundations and the philosophy of the profession of Family and Consumer Sciences.

FCS 522  Integrated Family and Community Studies  (3)  

In this course, students will be introduced to the family as a social system and the social services, educational, and health related agencies that can help them maintain health and viability during times of transition and crisis.

FCS 526  Contemporary Issues in Textiles and Fashion  (3)  

Study of current global issues and trends in the textile and fashion industries.

FCS 536  Advanced Nutritional Therapy  (3)  

The study of advanced methods of nutritional management of individuals across the age continuum.

FCS 537  Advanced Methods of Nutritional Assessment  (3)  

Advanced methods for the nutritional assessment and nutritional management of individuals.

FCS 538  Critical Issues in Nutrition and Food Science  (3)  

Study and investigation of food, nutrition, and health issues facing the U.S. and world populations.

FCS 552  Advanced Human Development and Family Relations  (3)  

Advanced study of human development and family relations across the lifespan.

FCS 560  Advanced Methods for Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences  (3)  

Study of advanced methods for teaching Family and Consumer Sciences curricula.

FCS 561  FCS Program Management  (3)  

The study of FCS management in grades 6-12. This course will span food service, apparel/textile, and management standards associated with developing FCS simulation labs in 6-12 schools. FCS 561 can not be taken with, or in place of, CTE 560.

FCS 562  FCS Entrepreneurship and Client Relations  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): FCS 561.

This course will focus on event planning, housing, furnishings, interiors, and the role and demands of the consumer. Students will study design methods and tools using technology, client relationships, knowledge of textiles, and the elements of event planning. This course provides practice in building sound business as well as entrepreneurial knowledge along with knowledge related to Housing and Interior Design that relates to the service of clients. Consumer Economics, Resource Management, and Consumer Sciences will also be covered.

Career/Technical Education

CTE 500  History and Philosophy of Career Technical Education  (3)  

Investigation and study of the historical foundations and the philosophy of the profession of Career Technical Education.

CTE 506  Practicum in CTE  (3)  

Directed experiences including observation and participation in career technical education programs and classrooms. Provides opportunities to observe and teach as well as apply theories and concepts. Seminars will be held in conjunction with this course.

CTE 516  Methods of Teaching for CTE  (3)  

Planning and implementing instructional methods and materials in middle and secondary career technical education programs. Some field experiences are required.

CTE 544  Assessment of Learning for Career and Technical Education  (3)  

This course provides practice in implementing appropriate evaluation of learning at the middle and secondary level for Career and Technical programs.

CTE 550  Basic Competencies for Career and Technical Education  (3)  

Foundational skills needed to teach, organize, and maintain career and technical programs in middle and secondary schools. Requirements to meet state and federal guidelines are covered. Professional skills needed to secure and maintain employment in CTE Teaching Fields.

CTE 560  Advanced Methods for Teaching Career Technical Education  (3)  

Study of Advanced Methods for Teaching Career Technical Education.