Info Mgmt E-Commerce (IME)

IME 335  Business Programming  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): CS 201.

Introduction to programming with business examples including the concepts and structures of an event-driven programming language to implement business solutions. This course emphasizes the understanding of general problem-solving strategies and developing solutions through algorithm.

IME 375  Introduction to e-Commerce  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): Junior Standing.

Survey course in e-commerce and the digital enterprise. The course emphasizes using the web to learn about the web and the elements of e-business. Students work in team environments with groupware and collaboration software. Topics include digital design, web business models, web metrics, using intelligent agents, dynamic pricing, security and privacy, governance models, and web ethics.

IME 380  Project Management  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): IME 375.

This course focuses on three vital elements of project management: people, process, and technology. Students learn project management concepts, objectives, and tools, and how to utilize coaching strategies to manage complex e-business and e-commerce projects. Topics include the PM process, project planning, project execution, and project evaluation.

IME 385  E-Commerce Marketing and Metrics  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): IME 375.

An in-depth study of web business models, this course surveys major e-commerce markets and marketing strategies, including web pricing strategies. The course also focuses on web matrics and performance management criterion and how e-businesses utilize them. Focus group and survey research applications in the digital world are covered. Students will learn the effects electronic markets have on local, national, and global economics.

IME 387  Business Analytics  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): IME 375.

Introduction to analytics from an organizational IT perspective including knowledge management, business intelligence to make business decisions, data visualization, and basic predictive modeling. Students learn fundamental concepts and tools for data collection and analysis, and how to develop data-driven business decisions.

IME 410  Process and Methodology  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): IME 375.

Students will examine current enterprise business processes, critique process documents, learn to map methods to processes, and develop a digital business process model.

IME 420  Virtual Enterprises  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): IME 375.

The Virtual Enterprise represents a new organization for the 21st century, enabled by new information technologies and evolving to compete in a global economy. This course examines the development of the virtual enterprise and explores strategies for managing in virtual and matrixed organizations. Students review a range of electronic collaboration tools for virtual work environments.

IME 450  E-Commerce Information Management  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): IME 375.

Developing skills in utilizing e-commerce information to assist managerial decisions. Managing and integrating web page information.

IME 451  E-Commerce Applications  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): Capstone course, should be taken in Senior year.

Students will participate in an e-commerce project and apply the theories, processes, and methodologies learned in previous IME courses. Students will engage in activities with selected clients to provide strategic consulting guidance and develop high-level solution designs.

IME 475  Current Issues in e-Commerce  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): IME 375.

Distinguished executive guest lecturers and the e-business faculty discuss topical issues related to business transformation and the cyber economy.