Family and Consumer Sciences - Child Development (Bachelor of Science)

The concentration in Child Development offers academic background and field experience necessary to understand and work with children and their families. The curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for Child Development-related careers in a variety of employment settings. Methods of delivery of the Child Development curriculum include both traditional and online versions. This concentration does not meet requirements for teacher certification.

In addition to courses noted below, candidates for graduation must successfully complete all JSU Academic Regulations. More information about general education requirements can be found in the Summary of Degrees/Requirements section of the catalog.

Plan of Study Grid
EH Composition sequence 3
Natural Science 4
MS 110 Finite Mathematics (or higher level) 3
Social/Behavioral Science 3
MSC 115
First Aid
or Concepts of Wellness
SSC 101 First Year Experience 0
EH Composition sequence 3
Fine Arts 3
EH 141 Speech 3
Natural Science 4
History 3
Literature 3
History 3
FCS 122 Fundamentals of Food Preparation and Meal Management 3
FCS 215 Introductory Nutrition 3
ACC 200 Principles of Accounting I 3
Literature 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
CS 201 Introduction to Information Technology 3
FCS 200 Seminar in Family and Consumer Sciences 2
SPE 300 Survey of Exceptional Children and Youth 3
Select from the following: 1 3
Lifespan Human Development (WI)  
The Developing Child  
Child Growth and Development (WI)
and Child Growth and Development Laboratory (WI)
Contemporary Issues in Human Development  
FCS 350 Lifespan Human Development (WI) 3
FCS 355 Family Life Education (WI) 3
FCS 360 Contemporary Issues in Human Development 3
FCS 450 Curriculum Planning in Child Development 3
FIN 311 Personal Financial Planning 3
FCS 332 Social Cultural Aspects of Apparel 3
FCS 371 Management of Family Resources 3
FCS 454 Administration and Supervision in Child Care Programs 3
FCS 457 Advanced Child Development II (Ages 3 through 5) 3
FCS 459 Family Interaction 3
FCS 453 Parent-Child Relations 3
FCS 456 Advanced Child Development I (Infant and Toddler Development) 3
FCS 471 Family Housing and Interiors 3
General Electives 5
FCS 460 Directed Field Experiences 6
MGT 301 Principles of Management 3
General Electives 3
 Total Hours120