Instructional Services Unit

Director: Ms. Courtney Christopher

102 Ramona Wood Hall

The Instructional Services Unit (ISU) is a division within the College of Education and Professional Studies that provides a variety of support services. It consists of the:

The T/LC is an on-campus, free tutorial service to city and county school students in grades K-12. The ISU offers teachers-in-training an opportunity to gain practicum experience through the T/LC in-house laboratory tutoring program. Preservice teachers and children are exposed to the latest technology and strategies, including the internet.

The LRC provides educational materials and equipment to teachers currently employed in the public schools, undergraduate and graduate students in education, and JSU faculty. The materials include: instructional games, kits, books, computer programs, and audiovisuals. A wide variety of subjects are represented in the center, including reading, language, mathematics, social studies, science, health, perceptual motor, special education, and social-emotional development. Most of the items are available for short-term check out. Additionally, the center offers media preparation services, such as laminating, copying, duplicating, letter cutting, and transparency making. Word processing, internet access are available to students, faculty, and the community through the LRC.

The MIL is also associated with the ISU. Multimedia computers utilizing a wide variety of formats, including videodisks, DVDs, and CD-ROMs, help to insure that students are exposed to the latest technologies available.

The ISU reflects goals and objectives that maximize the effective use of facilities, staff, and resources in the College of Education and Professional Studies.