Computer Information Systems - Information Assurance (Bachelor of Science)

The Computer Information Systems major emphasizes the development and maintenance of business software systems. It consists of prescriptive courses and elective courses. 

Course Title Credits
Prescriptive Courses 1
CS 230Fundamentals of Computing3
CS 231Computer Programming I3
CS 232Computer Programming II3
CS 304Technical Writing for Computer Science (WI)3
CS 309Introduction to E-Commerce3
CS 310Software Engineering I3
CS 311Management Information Systems (WI)3
CS 333Computer Organization and Architecture3
CS 350Fundamentals of Computer Operating Systems3
CS 370COBOL for Information Systems3
CS 450Computer Networking3
CS 462Ethics and Legal Issues (WI)3
CS 488Database Systems3
CS 491Software Engineering II3
Information Assurance
CS 307Management of Information Security and Forensics3
CS 308Embedded and Control Systems Security3
CS 470Computer Security3
Select one of the following:3
Disaster Response & Recovery
Web Application Development Using Web Services
Critical Infrastructure

Courses in the major may not be taken until all prerequisites are completed with a grade of “C” or better.

In addition to the major courses, support courses required are:

Course Title Credits
ACC 200Principles of Accounting I3
EC 221Principles of Microeconomics3
FIN 301Business Finance3
MGT 301Principles of Management3
MKT 301Principles of Marketing3
MS 120Calculus and Its Applications3-4
or MS 125 Calculus I
MS 302Applied Probability and Statistics3

Note: This plan of study reflects the computer information systems program beginning with MS 120 Calculus and Its Applications (3) or MS 125 Calculus I (4). Freshman computer information systems majors needing additional preparation before beginning calculus will be placed in the appropriate algebra or precalculus courses that provide this preparation. See advisor.

In addition to courses noted below, candidates for graduation must successfully complete all JSU Academic Regulations. More information about general education requirements can be found in the Summary of Degrees/Requirements section of the catalog.

Plan of Study Grid
EH Composition sequence 3
Natural Science sequence 4
CS 201 Introduction to Information Technology 3
CS 230 Fundamentals of Computing 3
SSC 101 First Year Experience 0
EH Composition sequence 3
EH 141 Speech 3
Natural Science sequence 4
CS 231 Computer Programming I 3
CS 309 Introduction to E-Commerce 3
MS 120
Calculus and Its Applications
or Calculus I
History 3
CS 232 Computer Programming II 3
CS 304 Technical Writing for Computer Science (WI) 3
ACC 200 Principles of Accounting I 3
Fine Arts 3
History/Social/Behavioral Science 1 3
EC 221 Principles of Microeconomics 3
CS 310 Software Engineering I 3
CS 311 Management Information Systems (WI) 3
Literature 3
CS 370 COBOL for Information Systems 3
CS 488 Database Systems 3
Computer Science Electives 2 3
Electives 3
Humanities & Fine Arts 1 3
CS 350 Fundamentals of Computer Operating Systems 3
CS 491 Software Engineering II 3
Computer Science Electives 2 3
MGT 301 Principles of Management 3
CS 333 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
CS 450 Computer Networking 3
MS 302 Applied Probability and Statistics 3
MKT 301 Principles of Marketing 3
Electives 3
PSY 201 Principles of Psychology 3
CS 462 Ethics and Legal Issues (WI) 3
Computer Science Electives 2 3
Computer Science Electives 2 3
FIN 301 Business Finance 3
 Total Hours120