Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation

Department Head: Dr. H. Dean Buttram III

Department Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Kay Lang,

The Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation offers courses leading to the Master of Science (MS) in Criminal Justice, and supporting courses for the Master of Arts (MA) with a major in Integrated Studies. The department also offers an area of concentration in Criminal Justice within the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program (Please refer to the Department of Emergency Management and Public Administration section of this catalog for application materials required and admission and program requirements).

CJ 500  Seminar in Contemporary Criminal Justice Issues  (3)  

Overview of the criminal justice system and exploration of the ways in which criminal justice policy and practice impact citizens' lives.

CJ 501  Applied Data Analysis for Criminal Justice  (3)  

Emphasis on the analysis of original and secondary criminal justice data.

CJ 502  Research Methods in Criminal Justice  (3)  

Social research methods and their application to administration of justice; in-depth examination of the role of social research in analysis, interpretation, and clarification of problems in the Criminal Justice System. CJ 502 is cross-listed with PA 502 and only one course may be counted for credit.

CJ 503  Seminar in Law Enforcement  (3)  

In-depth analysis of issues and practices in modern policing.

CJ 504  Comparative Criminal Justice  (3)  

Critical comparative study of criminal justice systems in the U.S. with those in selected foreign countries including administration, organization, objectives, principal functions, and relationships with the people.

CJ 505  Criminal Justice Administration  (3)  

Analysis of problems and issues confronting the administrator in a criminal justice setting.

CJ 506  Seminar in Juvenile Justice  (3)  

Assessment of policies and practices of agencies involved in processing juvenile offenders through the Juvenile Justice System.

CJ 507  Seminar in Legal Issues  (3)  

In-depth study of contemporary legal issues faced by criminal justice professionals with emphasis on constitutional problems, as well as the judicial review of administrative decisions made by criminal justice organizations.

CJ 508  Seminar in Corrections  (3)  

Overview and critical analysis of contemporary correctional theory and practice.

CJ 509  Criminal Justice Planning, Evaluation, and Grant-Writing  (3)  

A study of planning and evaluation in criminal justice agencies, programs, and the preparation of grant proposals.

CJ 512  Directed Study in Criminal Justice  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): Approval of department head and approval of instructor.

(3) (3). Preparation, completion, and submission of an acceptable individual project. May be duplicated for credit for a total of 6 semester hours. (Grade: Pass/Fail).

CJ 515  Applied Ethics  (3)  

Application of ethical theories and systems to practical ethical problems and dilemmas encountered in criminal justice.

CJ 516  Seminar in Forensic Investigation  (3)  

Covering a wide range of topics, including provinces of the court and jury; burden of proof, probability and documentary and physical evidence; expert witnesses; preparation of scientific exhibits for court

CJ 521  Seminar in Criminological Theory  (3)  

Provides a solid grounding in criminal justice through analysis of historical and contemporary theories and analytical models of crime causation.

CJ 523  Seminar in Victimology  (3)  

Focusing on the risks and consequences of crime for its victims; victim-offender relationships; typologies of victims; the nature and extent of victimization in the United States; and theories and consequences of victimization for victims and society.

CJ 525  International Criminality and National Security  (3)  

National, international, and transnational terrorism and the problems they pose for the criminal justice system; prevention and control of terrorist activities.

CJ 526  Special Topics in Criminal Justice  (3)  

(3) (3). An examination of contemporary issues in criminal and juvenile justice not addressed in other courses. May be duplicated for credit for a total of 6 semester hours.

CJ 527  Seminar in Criminal Behavior and Personality  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): CJ 521 or approval of instructor.

A study of the typologies of delinquent and criminal behavior from behavioral and psychological perspectives with particular focus on clinical behaviors frequently associated with delinquents and criminals.

CJ 528  Seminar in Correctional Counseling  (3)  

The study and practical application of effective correctional counseling and treatment methodologies for youthful and adult offenders.

CJ 595  Crime Prevention  (3)  

Analysis of the roles of the Criminal Justice System and the private sector in preventing crime. Emphasis on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Community involvement as a source of preventing crime. Crime prevention strategies and techniques for evaluating prevention programs as well as practical solutions for physical site security.

CJ 598  Directed Reading  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): Approval of department head and approval of instructor.

(3) (3). Selected topics appropriate to student's course of study as determined by faculty advisor. May be duplicated for credit for a total of 6 semester hours. (Grade: Pass/Fail).

CJ 599  Thesis  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): Dean's Approval and Approval of Application for Thesis Option.

See "Thesis Option and Procedures". Grade: Pass/Fail.