Graduate Student Load, Registration, and Attendance

Full-time/Half-time Student Classification

A graduate student’s classification is determined by the number of graduate semester hours for which the student is enrolled in a given semester or term.

Following are the minimum graduate semester hours for master’s-level and EdS-level full-time and half-time student classification:

Semester/Term Full-Time Half-Time
Fall 9 6
Spring 9 6
Summer (all summer terms combined) 9 6

Following are the minimum graduate semester hours for doctoral-level full-time and half-time student classification:

Semester/Term Full-Time Half-Time
Fall 6 3
Spring 6 3
Summer (all summer terms combined) 6 3

These classifications apply to all financial aid programs, including VA benefits, and to other programs, such as insurance. For VA benefits only, three-quarter time for Master’s and Ed.S students is six hours and Doctoral students is four to five hours in the fall and spring semesters.

Financial aid classifications, including VA benefits, for the summer sessions are computed annually. For information about summer financial aid classifications, please contact:

Financial Aid Office
107 Angle Hall
(256) 782-5006

For classifications for VA benefits, please contact:

Military & Post-Traditional Student Services
Daugette Hall Basement
(256) 782-8838

Maximum Student Load

The maximum course load for a graduate student is a total of 13 semester hours during the fall, spring, and combined summer terms. Any exception to this regulation must be approved by the department head/academic advisor and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Registration for Coursework

All students must register for coursework before attending classes. Registration information is listed online. The appropriate academic advisor and other members of the faculty advise students in regard to their programs of study as outlined in this catalog. Students may register online using their MyJSU accounts.

Students registering after the day classes start will be charged a $100.00 late registration fee. Students will be responsible for class work from the first class meeting and will incur absences for classes missed. After the add/drop date, the student will incur a $200 reinstatement fee.

Class Attendance

The university expects every graduate student to attend all scheduled class meetings for courses in which the student is enrolled. Each instructor’s policies and procedures on absences and make-up work are announced at the beginning of the term. The student is directly responsible to the individual instructor for absences and for making up work missed.

Auditing Courses

A person not regularly enrolled in the university may audit courses with the approval of the instructor.

Auditors must apply for admission and pay the $35 non-refundable application fee as well as the $25 per semester hour fee. Auditors are listed on the class roll but do not participate in classroom discussion, take tests or final examinations, make reports, or receive credit.

Auditors are bound by the same attendance policy as other members of the class.

Once a student registers in a course as an auditor, the status of audit may not be changed to that of credit.