Repeated and Duplicate Coursework

Repeated Coursework and Grade Replacement

Students may repeat only one graduate-level or doctoral-level course completed at the institution in which a grade of "C" or lower was earned and may repeat it only once per degree. While the original grade earned in the repeated course will remain on the student's transcript, only the most recent grade will be counted into the GPA no matter if it is higher or lower. Graduate students must request that the original grade be replaced using the Graduate Grade Replacement Form located on the Graduate School's website. All grade replacement requests must be submitted prior to the last day of class.

Duplicate Coursework

Credit toward graduation for any course will not be granted twice unless previously indicated in the Graduate Catalog. This rule applies to all credit, whether the work is completed at JSU or at other colleges or universities. However, all work attempted at JSU, including duplications, will be calculated in the GPA.