Business Administration - 4+1 (Master of Business Administration)

The 4 + 1 MBA allows students from the following undergraduate majors to seamlessly transition into the Master of Business Administration - General Concentration program.

Program eligibility requires an undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.0. Applicants who have not completed the undergraduate equivalents to the foundation courses discussed in the Foundation Courses section must complete the following courses as a condition of their admission:

  • BA 500 Statistics and Quantitative Methods (3)
  • BA 502 Contemporary Economic Fundamentals (3)
  • BA 511 Concepts of Finance and Accounting (3)

Students may complete the General Master of Business Administration in one year following the completion of their undergraduate degree or, if they wish to take longer, they have that option to extend their degree completion time.

Please see the General (Master of Business Administration) section of this catalog for program requirements.