Jax MIX Crosswalk to Alabama Transfers Requirements

Jacksonville State University’s signature general education, Jax MIX, requires students to complete all state-mandated general studies coursework in areas I-IV while offering students focus options and badged microcredentials. Transfer students may use general education courses completed elsewhere to satisfy the coursework requirements for a focus and/or badge. Courses that are the same as or equivalent to JSU courses included in a Focus will count. Students who have completed other courses, such as in philosophy, ethics, foreign languages, multiculturalism, may contact the Jax MIX director for assistance. The crosswalk below explains Jax MIX in terms of the state’s program.

Jax MIX Total Credit Hours Courses Specific Credit Hours Alabama Transfers Area Credit Hours
Communication 12 English Composition 6 Area I Written Composition 6
Speech 3 Area II Humanities and Fine Arts 3 of 12
Math 3 Area III Natural Science and Math 3 of 11
Expression 9 Literature* (sequence in literature of history required) 3-6 Area II Humanities and Fine Arts 9 of 12
Fine Arts 3
Literature, Fine Arts, Humanities 0-3
Experience 12 History* (sequence in literature or history required) 3-6 Area IV History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences 12 of 12
Social/Behavioral Science 6-9
Inquiry 8 Science and lab 8 Area III Natural Science and Math 8 of 11