Professional Writing Minor

The Professional Writing minor is available to all students except those majoring in English with a concentration in Professional Writing.  A minor in Professional Writing requires eighteen (18) hours, which must include:

Course Title Credits
Select three hours from the following:3
English Grammar
Introduction to Linguistics
Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
Advanced Composition (WI)
Advanced Oral Communication
Theory of Speech
Theory of Composition
Advanced Argumentation (WI)
Special Topics in English Studies (if topic is applicable)
The History of the English Language
Select 15 hours from the following:15
Introduction to Creative Writing
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Technical Writing (WI)
Writing for the Workplace (WI)
Writing for the Web (WI)
Writing for Social Media (WI)
Writing for Podcasts (WI)
Writing about Gaming (WI)
Publishing Practicum
Special Topics in English Studies (if topic is applicable)
Writing for Nonprofits (WI)
Writing for Social Change (WI)
Professional Writing: Special Topics (WI)
Creative Collective (WI)
English Elective 300+
Total Hours18