Latin American Studies Minor

The minor in Latin American Studies requires a minimum of 21 hours.

Course Title Credits
1 language sequence (6 credit hours) as follows: 16
Beginner's Spanish I
and Beginner's Spanish II 2
Beginner Portuguese I
and Beginner Portuguese II
Select five courses (15 credit hours) from the following:15
Introduction to Latin American Studies
Survey of Latin America to 1810
Survey of Latin America since 1810
Reacting to the Past 3
Revolution and Radical Politics in Latin America
United States-Latin American Relations
History of Mexico
History of Brazil
Revolution and Resistance in Modern Mexico
Latin American Culture and Identity through Music and Dance
Hispanic Performance and Theatre
Spanish Civilization (WI)
Latin American Civilization (WI)
Contemporary Issues in Latin American Cultural Studies
Contemporary Latin American and Spanish Film Criticism
Hispanic Gastronomy
Ballroom and Latin
Governments of Latin America
Total Hours21