Theatre Minor

The requirements for a minor in Theatre are twenty-four (24) hours of theatre courses, which must include:

Course Title Credits
THR 242Introduction to the Theatre3
THR 246Acting Fundamentals3
THR 250Student's Theatre 12
THR 284Stage Crafts3
THR 349Theatre Practicum1
THR 361Theatre History I (WI)3
THR 362Theatre History II3
Select six (6) hours of Theatre electives from the following courses:6
Portfolio Development for Theatre
Acting: Classical Styles
Playwriting and Screenwriting
Scenic Design I
Scenic Design II
Stage Management
Costume Design I
Costume Design II
Theatre Technology
Stage Carpentry
Stage Lighting
Stage Makeup I
Stage Costume History
Sound Design and Production
Scene Painting
Costume Techniques
Study Tour
Theatrical Drafting
Acting: Advanced Techniques
Design and Technical Practicum
Music Theatre Dance
Dramatic Theory
Musical Theatre
Computer Aided Rendering for Theatre
Special Topics in Theatrical Studies
Special Topics in Design/Technology
Performance Practicum
Special Topics in Performance
Stage Makeup II
Theatre Internship
Total Hours24

For Film majors minoring in Theatre, an additional 3 credit hours in THR or FLM courses will be required to fulfill THR 284.