Recreational Leadership Minor

A minor in Recreational Leadership is available for students majoring in non-teaching degree fields. The minor consists of 11 required hours and 9 approved elective hours for a minimum of 20 hours.

Course Title Credits
SMR 221Foundations of Sport Management and Recreation (WI)3
SMR 271Recreational Games and Group Development Activities2
SMR 310Camping and Outdoor Education3
SMR 486Sport Management and Recreation Promotion and Event Planning3
Select six hours from the following:6
Outdoor Pursuits Expedition Field Seminar
Youth Sports Program
Field Experience in Recreation and Youth Leadership
Organization and Administration of Camp Programming
Youth Development Leadership
Select three hours from the following:3
Beginning Hiking
Mountain Biking
Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing II
Canoe and Rafting
Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Total Hours20