Accelerated Senior Privilege Applicants

The Accelerated Senior Privilege allows a graduating senior to take up to twelve graduate hours of coursework during their final year of undergraduate work. Accelerated Senior Privilege will also be extended to graduating seniors at other colleges and universities, provided all conditions specified below are met. The following programs are not eligible for Accelerated Senior Privilege: Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis, Master of Science in Nursing, and graduate certificates in Nursing Education and Emergency Preparedness Nursing Coordinator. Students majoring in early childhood, elementary, special, or secondary education must receive approval from their advisor and department head prior to applying for Accelerated Senior Privilege.  

Admission Requirements for Accelerated Senior Privilege:

  • The student holds an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.00; and have completed at least 96 credit hours at the undergraduate level towards degree completion. 

The following restrictions are placed on Accelerated Senior Privilege:  

  • The student may take no more than twelve semester hours of graduate level courses prior to the completion of all undergraduate degree requirements.  

  • The student must not exceed a total course load (undergraduate and graduate) of 15 semester hours in the fall and spring and 9 semester hours in each of the summer terms. Any exception to this regulation must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. 

  • The student must complete a verification form for each semester graduate coursework is requested. 

  • Approval and acceptance to the Accelerated Senor Privilege program does not guarantee admission to the Graduate School or any academic graduate program at Jax State.  

  • Prior to being fully accepted to a graduate program, the student must submit a graduate application, submit all required documents for application, and meet all admissions requirements for the academic program. 

Steps to Apply for Accelerated Senior Privilege: 

This form must be approved by the student’s undergraduate academic advisor and the Graduate program advisor(Find your Graduate Program Advisor)

*Student athletes must receive approval from their athletic advisor to ensure athletic eligibility requirements are met.  

*International students must receive approval from the International Programs office to ensure VISA requirements are met.