Faster Master's Applicants

The Faster Master’s program allows exceptional JSU undergraduate students to take up to 12 hours of graduate coursework during their junior and senior years, which double count towards both the bachelor’s and master’s degree. To see full details and a list of the degree programs that participate in the Faster Master's, please visit the Faster Master's website.

The following programs are eligible for Faster Master’s:

Admission requirements for Faster Master’s

  • The student holds an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.7 or higher; and must have completed at least 63 credit hours at the undergraduate level towards degree completion.

The following restrictions are placed on Faster Master’s:

  • The number of hours allowed to apply towards undergraduate and graduate coursework varies by academic program.
  • Student’s using Accelerated Senior Privilege and Faster Master’s may not take more than 12 semester hours combined in each program.
  • The student must complete a verification form for each semester Faster Master’s coursework is requested.
  • Approval and acceptance to the Faster Master’s program does not guarantee admission to Graduate Studies or any academic graduate program at JSU.
  • Prior to being fully accepted to a graduate program, the student must submit a graduate application, submit all required documents for application, and meet all admissions requirements for the academic program.
  • Coursework completed will show on student transcripts as undergraduate credit and is non-transferrable outside of JSU. Transfer of graduate level courses must be requested after student has been full accepted as a graduate student and one full semester of coursework at the graduate level has been completed. Instructions to request for level transfer can be found below. 

Steps to Apply for Faster Master’s program:

  1. Review the list of Participating Graduate Programs and select your degree program.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss program options and eligibility.
  3. Meet with Graduate Program advisor to discuss coursework and graduate program requirements. (Find your Graduate Program Advisor)
  4. Submit an Application/Verification Form
    1. This form must be approved by the student’s undergraduate academic advisor, the Graduate program advisor, and Graduate Studies prior to registration for coursework. 

*Student athletes must receive approval from their athletic advisor to ensure athletic eligibly requirements are met.

*International students must receive approval from the International Programs office to ensure VISA requirements are met.

Requesting Graduate Credit

Once a student has been fully admitted to JSU as a graduate student, and they have completed one full semester of graduate coursework, they may request the transfer of Faster Master’s courses from the undergraduate to graduate level. To request the level transfer for coursework, the student must submit the Faster Master’s Transfer Request Form.  Transfer of courses with a grade below "B" will not be granted. Requests can take up to one full semester for processing.