Applied Manufacturing Engineering - Manufacturing Management (Bachelor of Science)

Applied Engineering Core

Course Title Credits
EH 322Technical Writing (WI)3
or CBA 350 Business Communications (WI)
CS 201Introduction to Information Technology3
AE 210Manufacturing Fundamentals3
AE 211AC/DC Circuits3
AE 343Engineering and Technology Management3
or MGT 301 Principles of Management
AE 344Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis3
AE 372Statistical Analysis for Quality Control3
AE 380Industrial Safety and Health3
AE 393Applied Engineering Junior Seminar1
AE 494Applied Engineering Senior Internship (WI)2
Total Hours27

Applied Manufacturing Engineering Major 

Course Title Credits
AE 251Computer-Aided Design3
AE 361Materials and Processes of Industry3
AE 366Control Systems Technology3
AE 440Manufacturing Management Systems3
Total Hours12

Manufacturing Management Concentration

Course Title Credits
AE 307Industrial Training3
AE 330Production and Inventory Control3
AE 341Work Measurement and Methods3
AE 342Employer-Employee Relations3
or MGT 385 Human Resource Management (WI)
AE 441Project Management3
AE 442Facilities Planning3
AE 484Industrial Ergonomics3
AE 485Industrial Safety Management3
Total Hours24

In addition to courses noted below, candidates for graduation must successfully complete all JSU Academic Regulations. More information about general education requirements can be found in the Summary of Degrees/Requirements section of the catalog.

Plan of Study Grid
EH Composition sequence 3
MS 125 Calculus I 4
History sequence 3
CS 201 Introduction to Information Technology 3
AE 210 Manufacturing Fundamentals 3
SSC 101 First Year Experience 0
EH Composition sequence 3
History sequence 3
EC 221 Principles of Microeconomics 3
AE 211 AC/DC Circuits 3
General Electives 3
Fine Arts 3
EH 141 Speech 3
AE 251 Computer-Aided Design 3
AE 342
Employer-Employee Relations
or Human Resource Management (WI)
General Electives 3
Natural Science 1 4
Social/Behavioral Science 3
EH 322
Technical Writing (WI)
or Business Communications (WI)
AE 372 Statistical Analysis for Quality Control 3
AE 380 Industrial Safety and Health 3
Natural Science 4
AE 344 Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis 3
AE 361 Materials and Processes of Industry 3
AE 366 Control Systems Technology 3
AE 393 Applied Engineering Junior Seminar 1
Literature 3
AE 307 Industrial Training 3
AE 343
Engineering and Technology Management
or Principles of Management
AE 330 Production and Inventory Control 3
General Electives 3
Literature 3
AE 341 Work Measurement and Methods 3
AE 441 Project Management 3
AE 485 Industrial Safety Management 3
General Electives 3
AE 440 Manufacturing Management Systems 3
AE 442 Facilities Planning 3
AE 484 Industrial Ergonomics 3
AE 494 Applied Engineering Senior Internship (WI) 2
General Electives 3
 Total Hours120
The student must have earned an overall grade point average of 2.75 based upon a 4.00 scale to include all AE courses and MS courses with a “C” or better.