Nursing (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

Core Requirement Courses for Upper Division in Nursing (62 Semester Hours)

The following list of courses is not intended to be a substitute for individual advisement by a School of Nursing academic advisor.

Course Title Credits
Area I (6 Semester Hours) 1 6
EH Composition Sequence
EH Composition Sequence
Area II (12 Semester Hours)
Literature course or sequence3-6
Fine Arts3
EH 141Speech3
Area III (11 Semester Hours)
BY 101
BY 103
Introductory Biology I
and Introductory Biology Lab I
CY 115Concepts of General Chemistry I4
MS 112Precalculus Algebra3
Area IV (12 Semester Hours)
History course or sequence3-6
PSY 201Principles of Psychology3
PSY 222Human Development3
Area V (21 Semester Hours)
BY 263Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BY 264Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BY 283Health Microbiology4
MS 204Basic Statistics3
FCS 322Normal Nutrition3
or FCS 215 Introductory Nutrition
NU 121Ethics in Nursing (WI)3
Total Hours56-62

Upper Division Nursing Courses (67 Semester Hours)

Course Title Credits
First Semester (14 Semester Hours)
NU 305A Bridge to Success0
NU 306Pharmacology4
NU 309Health Assessment4
NU 311Foundations of Nursing Practice6
Second Semester (13 Semester Hours)
NU 322Health Deviations and Clinical Interventions3
NU 325Adult Health in Secondary and Community Settings5
NU 326Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing5
Summer Semester (2 Semester Hours)
NU 400Research and Outcomes Management (WI)2
Third Semester (12 Semester Hours)
NU 403Nursing Care of Children and Families5
NU 404Childbearing Families5
NU 422Foundations of Nursing Leadership2
Fourth Semester (13 Semester Hours)
NU 424Adult Health in Secondary, Tertiary, and Community Settings5
NU 426Community Health Across the Lifespan5
NU 433Advanced Health Deviations and Clinical Interventions3
Fifth Semester (12 Semester Hours)
NU 302Preparation for NCLEX Success3
NU 428Practicum6
NU 455Transition to Professional Nursing4
Total Hours67

Total 120-129 Semester Hours

In addition to courses noted below, candidates for graduation must successfully complete all JSU Academic Regulations. More information about general education requirements can be found in the Summary of Degrees/Requirements section of the catalog.

Plan of Study Grid
EH Composition sequence 3
Fine Arts/Humanities 3
BY 101
BY 103
Introductory Biology I
and Introductory Biology Lab I
MS 112 Precalculus Algebra 3
PSY 201 Principles of Psychology 3
SSC 101 First Year Experience 1 0
EH Composition sequence 3
EH 141 Speech 3
History course or sequence 3
BY 263 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
MS 204 Basic Statistics 3
Literature 3
History/Social/Behavioral Science 3
BY 264 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
FCS 322 Normal Nutrition 3
NU 121 Ethics in Nursing (WI) 3
Literature/Humanities/Fine Art 3
CY 115 Concepts of General Chemistry I 4
History/Social/Behavioral Science 3
BY 283 Health Microbiology 4
NU 305 A Bridge to Success 0
NU 306 Pharmacology 4
NU 309 Health Assessment 4
NU 311 Foundations of Nursing Practice 6
NU 322 Health Deviations and Clinical Interventions 3
NU 325 Adult Health in Secondary and Community Settings 5
NU 326 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 5
NU 400 Research and Outcomes Management (WI) 2
NU 403 Nursing Care of Children and Families 5
NU 404 Childbearing Families 5
NU 422 Foundations of Nursing Leadership 2
NU 424 Adult Health in Secondary, Tertiary, and Community Settings 5
NU 426 Community Health Across the Lifespan 5
NU 433 Advanced Health Deviations and Clinical Interventions 3
NU 302 Preparation for NCLEX Success 3
NU 428 Practicum 6
NU 455 Transition to Professional Nursing 4
 Total Hours129