The School of Nursing embraces the concept of nursing education advancement for individuals holding an associate degree or diploma in nursing. The Strategic Teaching for Enhanced Professional Preparation (STEP) program is a quality program designed to provide a seamless educational transition for registered nurses. The completely online delivery of this curriculum allows students to advance their nursing education while continuing to fulfill personal and professional responsibilities.

After completion of general studies requirements, nursing courses may be completed in one calendar year online for the full time student. Courses in the professional component of the BSN program are delivered via the internet and other distant learning modalities as the educational platform for teaching.

Application deadlines:

Date Event
August 1st Fall Assessment
December 1st Spring Assessment
April 1st Summer Assessment

Core Requirement Courses for STEP Program in Nursing (62 Semester Hours)

The following list of courses is not intended to be a substitute for individual advisement by a School of Nursing academic advisor. Students with a four-year degree from a US accredited college or university, who also have an associate degree in nursing, will be admitted to the STEP Program with no additional core requirements.

Course Title Credits
Area I (6 Semester Hours)
EH Composition sequence3
EH Composition sequence3
Area II (12 Semester Hours)
Literature 13
Literature 13
Fine Arts 3
Humanities or Fine Art3
Area III (11 Semester Hours)
BY 101
BY 103
Introductory Biology I
and Introductory Biology Lab I 2
CY 115Concepts of General Chemistry I 24
MS 112Precalculus Algebra 23
Area IV (12 Semester Hours)
History 13
History 13
PSY 201Principles of Psychology3
Social Science or Behavioral Science3
Area V (21 Semester Hours)
BY 263Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BY 264Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BY 283Health Microbiology4
Pre-professional, Major and Elective Courses9
Total Hours62

Required Nursing Courses

The required nursing courses can be completed online in three semesters (one calendar year). Completion of the upper division STEP nursing courses must occur in ten (10) semesters. Using the internet, a learning management system, and other distance learning modalities, the program is delivered at a time and place convenient to the individual student. The following courses are required for registered nurses in the STEP program.

Course Title Credits
Semester I 5
NU 313Online Orientation to the STEP Program0
NU 339Understanding Health Policy2
NU 345Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing (WI)4
NU 352Health Assessment Across the Lifespan3
Semester II
NU 350Professional Roles5
NU 401Research and Outcomes Management for the Practicing Nurse3
NU 423Nursing Management and Leadership3
Semester III
NU 390Informatics in Nursing3
NU 456Population-Based Health Care6
Nursing Elective 3
Total Hours32

Total Hours: 120 - 129

Plan of Study Grid
NU 313 Online Orientation to the STEP Program 0
NU 339 Understanding Health Policy 2
NU 345 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing (WI) 4
NU 352 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan 3
NU 350 Professional Roles 5
NU 401 Research and Outcomes Management for the Practicing Nurse 3
NU 423 Nursing Management and Leadership 3
NU 390 Informatics in Nursing 3
NU 456 Population-Based Health Care 6
Nursing Elective 3
 Total Hours32

STEP recognizes the past academic and experiential knowledge of the registered nurse.  RN students are awarded 35 hours of STEP nursing credit after successful completion of the first semester courses.