Respiratory Therapy Bridge Program (RRT) (Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy)

The Respiratory Therapy Bridge Program is designed to allow registered respiratory therapists that have completed an associate-level program the option of obtaining an advanced degree. The student must complete ten (10) online courses for a total of thirty-two (32) semester hours. The program consists of upper-division respiratory therapy courses that provide the student an opportunity for professional growth and development.

Core Requirement Courses for RT Bridge Program (56 Semester Hours)

The following list of courses is not intended to be a substitute for individual advisement by a Department of Respiratory Therapy academic advisor. Students with a four-year degree from a US accredited college or university, who also have earned the Registered Respiratory Therapist credential from the National Board for Respiratory Care, will be assessed to the RT Bridge Program with no additional core requirements.

Course Title Credits
Area I (6 Semester Hours)
EH Composition sequence3
EH Composition sequence3
Area II (12 Semester Hours)
Literature 23
Literature 23
Fine Arts 3
Humanities or Fine Art3
Area III (11 Semester Hours)
BY 101Introductory Biology I 13
BY 103Introductory Biology Lab I 11
CY 115Concepts of General Chemistry I 14
MS 112Precalculus Algebra 13
Area IV (12 Semester Hours)
History 23
History 23
PSY 201Principles of Psychology3
Social Science or Behavioral Science3
Area V (15 Semester Hours)
BY 263Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BY 264Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
Pre-professional, Major and Elective Courses7
Total Hours56
Course Title Credits
Spring Semester (9 Semester Hours)
RT 441RRT-BSRT Bridge Introduction0
RT 442Advanced Ventilatory Support4
RT 444Critical Care Monitoring3
RT 446Research for Respiratory Therapists (WI)3
Fall Semester (10 Semester Hours)
RT 450Healthcare Education for Respiratory Therapists (WI)4
RT 452Patient Care Management Strategies3
RT 454Advanced Neonatal and Pediatric Care3
Summer Semester (10 Semester Hours)
RT 456Healthcare Leadership for Respiratory Therapists4
RT 458Special Procedures3
RT 460Alternative Care Roles for Respiratory Therapists3
To be taken alone or during another semester:
RT 448Advanced Practice Elective2
Total Hours32

The Respiratory Therapy Bridge Program recognizes the past academic and experiential knowledge of the registered respiratory therapist. RRT Bridge students are awarded thirty-three (33) semester hours of RT credit after successful completion of the first semester courses.

Total Hours Required for the Degree: 121

Plan of Study Grid
Courses are only offered in the terms specified below:  
RT 441 RRT-BSRT Bridge Introduction 0
RT 442 Advanced Ventilatory Support 4
RT 444 Critical Care Monitoring 3
RT 446 Research for Respiratory Therapists (WI) 3
RT 450 Healthcare Education for Respiratory Therapists (WI) 4
RT 452 Patient Care Management Strategies 3
RT 454 Advanced Neonatal and Pediatric Care 3
RT 456 Healthcare Leadership for Respiratory Therapists 4
RT 458 Special Procedures 3
RT 460 Alternative Care Roles for Respiratory Therapists 3
RT 448 Advanced Practice Elective 1 2
 Total Hours32

The RRT-BSRT program recognizes the past academic and experiential knowledge of the Registered Respiratory Therapist.  RRTs are awarded 33 hours of RRT-BSRT credit after completion of first semester course work.