Respiratory Therapy (Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy)

Students begin the respiratory therapy program by taking core requirement courses. A separate application is filed to request assessment into the clinical portion (upper division) of respiratory therapy. The department assesses students for eligibility for the upper division respiratory therapy program in the spring of each year. The deadline for submission of applications for assessment to the upper division program of respiratory therapy is June 1st for fall. Late applications are not accepted. Only students who have been admitted to Jacksonville State University and who meet eligibility requirements may apply for assessment into the upper division respiratory therapy program. Those planning to apply for assessment into the upper division respiratory therapy program should contact the Director of Academic Services in the College of Health Professions and Wellness well in advance of the application deadline in order to confirm eligibility.

Entry into the upper division of respiratory therapy requires completion of all core requirement courses with a core requirement grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 or above and a minimum grade of “C” in each core requirement course. Once a passing grade of “C” or above has been earned in a course, that course cannot be repeated for a higher grade. Students who do not meet the above standards are not eligible to apply for assessment into upper division. Each student’s record will be assessed for completion of core requirements and as a basis for approval to enter the upper division. The review process may include a personal interview with the candidate, a background check, contact with personal references, and, if the student has been enrolled in other respiratory therapy programs, contact with previous respiratory therapy faculty. The assessment process may also include evaluation of essential academic skills and critical thinking. Students admitted to the university Fall 2018 and thereafter must have a current ACT score of 18 (within five years). Students who have English as a second language must present a minimum score on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam taken within four years. To be eligible for assessment into upper division, minimum scores are: 560 for TOEFL Written (paper based), 220 for TOEFL CBT (computer based), or 83 for iBT (internet based). Students native to countries where English is a commonly used language and/or those who have been living in a country for many years where English is a primary spoken language may request a waiver of this requirement. The Department of Respiratory Therapy reserves the right to limit the number of students enrolled in respiratory therapy courses in order to make the most effective use of the educational resources available. Because of limited resources, eligibility for the program is competitive; all students who qualify may not be selected. Students must comply with all Department of Respiratory Therapy policies for entrance into and continuation in the respiratory therapy program, which include, but are not limited to, a clear criminal background check and drug screen.

Traditional BSRT program students must pass each course with a 70% (C) or better to be eligible to move forward in the program.  If a student is unsuccessful in one course, they are required to retrack with the next cohort.  The student must repeat the course in which they were unsuccessful, along with the appropriate level review course (RT 365 Respiratory Therapy Junior Level Review (3) or RT 439 Respiratory Therapy Senior Level Review (3)) to return to the normal course sequencing with the following cohort. 

Core Requirement Courses for Upper Division in Respiratory Therapy (56 Semester Hours)

The following list of courses is not intended to be a substitute for individual advisement by an academic advisor.

Course Title Credits
Jax MIX Communication (12 Semester Hours) 1
EH Composition sequence3
EH Composition sequence3
EH 141Speech3
MS 112Precalculus Algebra3
Jax MIX Expression (9 Semester Hours)
Literature 23
Literature 23
Fine Arts 3
Jax MIX Inquiry (8 Semester Hours)
BY 101
BY 103
Introductory Biology I
and Introductory Biology Lab I
CY 115Concepts of General Chemistry I4
Jax MIX Experience (12 Semester Hours)
History 23
History 23
PSY 201Principles of Psychology3
SY 221Introduction to Sociology3
Pre-professional Courses (15 Semester Hours)
BY 263Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BY 264Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BY 283Health Microbiology4
MS 204Basic Statistics3
Total Hours56

Upper Division Respiratory Therapy Courses

Course Title Credits
First Semester (14 Semester Hours)
RT 299Respiratory Therapy Introduction0
RT 301Fundamentals of Respiratory Care I3
RT 306Patient Assessment3
RT 310Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology3
RT 315Respiratory Care Pharmacology2
RT 320Clinical I1
RT 322Respiratory Therapy Lab I2
Second Semester (14 Semester Hours)
RT 326Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II2
RT 330Airway Management and Resuscitation2
RT 335Pathology for Respiratory Care3
RT 340Research (WI)3
RT 345Clinical II2
RT 347Respiratory Therapy Lab II2
Third Semester (9 Semester Hours)
RT 351Ventilatory Support I2
RT 356Respiratory Critical Care Monitoring3
RT 360Clinical III2
RT 362Respiratory Therapy Lab III2
Fourth Semester (13 Semester Hours)
RT 401Ventilatory Support II2
RT 405Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care3
RT 411Pulmonary Diagnostics3
RT 415Clinical IV (WI)3
RT 417Respiratory Therapy Lab IV2
Fifth Semester (15 Semester Hours)
RT 420Pulmonary Disease Management3
RT 425Respiratory Therapy Education3
RT 430Respiratory Therapy Leadership2
RT 435Clinical V4
RT 440Advanced-Level Exam Review3
Total Hours65

Total hours required for degree: 121

In addition to courses noted below, candidates for graduation must successfully complete all JSU Academic Regulations. More information about Jax MIX requirements and Alabama Transfers equivalents can be found in their respective section of the catalog.

Plan of Study Grid
Jax MIX Communication: EH Composition sequence 3
MS 112 Precalculus Algebra (Jax MIX Communication) 3
Jax MIX Expression: Fine Arts 3
BY 101
BY 103
Introductory Biology I
and Introductory Biology Lab I (Jax MIX Inquiry)
SSC 101 First Year Experience 0
Jax MIX Communication: EH Composition sequence 3
EH 141 Speech (Jax MIX Communication) 3
CY 115 Concepts of General Chemistry I (Jax MIX Inquiry) 4
Jax MIX Experience: History 3
PSY 201 Principles of Psychology (Jax MIX Experience) 3
Jax MIX Expression: Literature 3
Jax MIX Experience (History if sequence) 3
BY 263 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BY 283 Health Microbiology 4
Jax MIX Expression (Literature if sequence) 3
SY 221 Introduction to Sociology (Jax MIX Experience) 3
BY 264 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
MS 204 Basic Statistics 3
RT 299 Respiratory Therapy Introduction 0
RT 301 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care I 3
RT 306 Patient Assessment 3
RT 310 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology 3
RT 315 Respiratory Care Pharmacology 2
RT 320 Clinical I 1
RT 322 Respiratory Therapy Lab I 2
RT 326 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II 2
RT 330 Airway Management and Resuscitation 2
RT 335 Pathology for Respiratory Care 3
RT 340 Research (WI) 3
RT 345 Clinical II 2
RT 347 Respiratory Therapy Lab II 2
RT 351 Ventilatory Support I 2
RT 356 Respiratory Critical Care Monitoring 3
RT 360 Clinical III 2
RT 362 Respiratory Therapy Lab III 2
RT 401 Ventilatory Support II 2
RT 405 Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care 3
RT 411 Pulmonary Diagnostics 3
RT 415 Clinical IV (WI) 3
RT 417 Respiratory Therapy Lab IV 2
RT 420 Pulmonary Disease Management 3
RT 425 Respiratory Therapy Education 3
RT 430 Respiratory Therapy Leadership 2
RT 435 Clinical V 4
RT 440 Advanced-Level Exam Review 3
 Total Hours121