Emergency Management with a Minor in Public Safety Telecommunications (Bachelor of Science)

In addition to courses noted below, candidates for graduation must successfully complete all JSU Academic Regulations. More information about general education requirements can be found in the Summary of Degrees/Requirements section of the catalog.

Course Title Credits
EM 301Introduction to Disaster Management3
EM 321Disaster Mitigation & Preparedness3
EM 331Populations at Risk3
EM 411Disaster Response & Recovery3
EM 471Emergency Management Capstone Course (WI)3
EM 481Research in Disasters and Emergency Management (WI)3
Approved Emergency Management 300+ Electives12
PST Minor
PST 110Introduction to Public Safety Communications3
PST 311Interpersonal Communications3
PST 312Legal Issues in Public Safety Communication3
PST 313Introduction to Crisis Intervention3
PST 314Introduction to Weapons of Mass Destruction3
PST 328Technical Writing for Public Safety Communicators3
Approved Public Safety Telecommunication Electives3
Area I
EH Composition sequence3
EH Composition sequence3
Area II
Fine Arts3
Literature 6
Speech/Humanities and Fine Arts Elective 1 3
Area III
MS 110Finite Mathematics3
or MS 112 Precalculus Algebra
Approved Natural Science sequence 8
Area IV
History sequence 6
PSY 201Principles of Psychology3
Approved Social/Behavioral Science Elective 13
Area V
Courses to be chosen from an approved list 1 19
General Electives 9
Total Hours120