Homeland Security Minor

The Department of Emergency Management offers a minor in Homeland Security. The minor consists of eighteen (18) hours of courses which must include:

Course Title Credits
EM 305Introduction to Homeland Security3
Select fifteen hours of electives from the following courses:15
Emergency Response to WMD Event
Legal Fundamentals in Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Introduction to Terrorism
Public Information and Policy
Social Dimensions of Disaster
Exercise Design and Evaluation
Introduction to Cyberterrorism
Management Systems in Disaster
Critical Infrastructures
Current Issues in Homeland Security
Planning and Preparedness for Homeland Security
Introduction to Weapons of Mass Destruction
Introduction to Disaster Management 1
Total Hours18

A major in Emergency Management with a minor in Homeland Security will consist of a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours of emergency management/public safety telecommunications courses for the major and minor areas alone.