Military Science and Leadership Advanced Course Requirements

Entry into the ROTC Advanced Course for commissioning is open to students who have:

  • earned a GPA of 2.00 or higher
  • attained junior status or are graduate students
  • met established Army medical and physical fitness standards
  • completed or received placement credit for the Basic Course requirements 
  • demonstrated the requisite leadership potential
  • departmental approval

Students pursuing a commission must successfully complete the following ROTC Advanced Course classes:

Course Title Credits
MSC 301Advanced Military Science I3
MSC 307Advanced Military Science Leadership Lab2
MSC 302Advanced Military Science II3
MSC 308Advanced Military Science Leadership Lab2
MSC 305Advanced Military Science IV3
MSC 401Adv Theories in Leadership I3
MSC 407Application of Advanced Theories in Leadership2
MSC 402Adv Theories in Leadership II3
MSC 408Application of Advanced Theories in Leadership2

Additionally, HY 304 American Military History (3)/MSC 304 American Military History (3), and approved core curriculum courses in written communications, computer literacy, math reasoning and human behavior must be successfully completed before commissioning. Contact the Department of Military Science for specific details as to approved courses. Normally during the summer before their senior year, students must attend and successfully complete the Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, KY, prior to commissioning. This course is approximately four weeks in duration and students earn three credit hours under MSC 305 Advanced Military Science IV (3).

ROTC nursing students have an additional opportunity to participate in a three week Nurse Summer Training Program and earn three credit hours under NU 444 Implementation of Professional Nurse Role (3).