Military Science and Leadership Basic Course Requirements

The Basic Course requirements are:

Course Title Credits
MSC 101Challenges in Leadership I1
MSC 103Challenges in Leadership Labs2
MSC 102Challenges in Leadership II1
MSC 104Challenges in Leadership Labs2
MSC 201Tactical Strategy and Team Development2
MSC 203Leadership Development Lab2
MSC 202Adaptive Leadership Development2
MSC 204Basic Military Skills Lab2

These courses are mandatory for entry into the Advanced Course of instruction, unless the Professor of Military Science approves substitutions.

Nursing students who desire to pursue a career as commissioned officers in the Army Nurse Corps should contact the Department of Military Science for details of a basic course program specifically tailored for the nursing discipline. In addition to meeting all ROTC requirements, the prerequisites for commissioning in the Army Nurse Corps are a baccalaureate degree in nursing and a state nursing license.