Communication - Public Relations and Advertising (Bachelor of Arts)

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication is obtained by successfully completing 120 credit hours, with at least 72 hours outside the Communication major. Fifty-three (53) of those 72 hours must be courses in liberal arts and sciences. The program requirements include:

  1. 41 hours within the general studies curriculum and
    1. CS 201 Introduction to Information Technology (3)
    2. CS 315 Intro to Web Design (3)
    3. six hours of a foreign language sequence
  2. 45 hours in communication courses
  3. 18 or more hours in a minor field
  4.  Electives

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00 and complete, with a minimum grade of “C,” all Department of Communication courses required for the degree. Students who make a grade of “D” or “F” in a communication course may repeat the course only once. A second “D” or “F” in the same course will exclude a student from majoring or minoring in communication.

A major in communication must include:

Course Title Credits
COM 200Introduction to Mass Communication3
COM 320Video Production and Editing3
COM 358Communication Theory3
COM 380Communication Law (WI)3
COM 395Ethics and Global Journalism (WI)3
COM 415Mass Communication Research3
COM 491Internship 1, 23
Total Hours21

The concentration of Public Relations and Advertising includes:

Course Title Credits
COM 304Introduction to Advertising3
COM 330Introduction to Public Relations3
COM 340Public Relations Writing3
COM 400Public Relations and Advertising Case Studies3
COM 430Strategic Media Writing3
COM 440Campaign Management: Public Relations & Advertising3
COM Electives (2 courses)6
Total Hours24

Students enrolling in COM 404 Media Workshop (1), COM 405 Media Workshop (1), COM 406 Media Workshop (1), COM 407 Advanced Media Workshop (1), COM 408 Advanced Media Workshop (1), COM 411 Advanced Media Workshop (1), COM 475 Directed Study (3), or COM 491 Internship (3) must apply for eligibility into those courses no late than the pre-registration period preceding the semester in which the courses will be taken. Media workshop courses are strongly recommended electives for all students.

Communication electives for the Public Relations and Advertising concentration should be selected from the following:

Course Title Credits
COM 301Introduction to Television Production3
COM 302Introduction to Audio Production3
COM 306Sport Communication3
COM 307Media Literacy3
COM 316Podcasting3
COM 325Publication Design3
COM 345Social Media Strategy3
COM 404Media Workshop1
COM 405Media Workshop1
COM 406Media Workshop1
COM 407Advanced Media Workshop1
COM 408Advanced Media Workshop1
COM 410Media Features (WI)3
COM 411Advanced Media Workshop1
COM 412Digital Media Analytics3
COM 445Media Management3
COM 475Directed Study3
MKT 301Principles of Marketing3
MKT 325Digital Marketing3
MKT 361Sales/Sales Force Management3
MKT 378Consumer Behavior3
Plan of Study Grid
EH Composition sequence 3
Fine Arts 3
EH 141 Speech 3
MS 204
Basic Statistics
or Finite Mathematics
History sequence 3
SSC 101 First Year Experience 0
EH Composition sequence 3
Natural Science sequence 4
History sequence 3
COM 200 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
Minor or General Electives 3
Literature sequence 3
Natural Science sequence 4
Social/Behavioral Science 3
COM 304 Introduction to Advertising 3
COM 330 Introduction to Public Relations 3
Literature sequence 3
Social/Behavioral Science 3
CS 201 Introduction to Information Technology 3
COM 320 Video Production and Editing 3
COM 340 Public Relations Writing 3
Foreign Language sequence 3 3
CS 315 Intro to Web Design 3
COM 358 Communication Theory 3
COM 380 Communication Law (WI) 3
Minor or General Electives 3
Foreign Language sequence 3 3
COM 400 Public Relations and Advertising Case Studies 3
COM 415 Mass Communication Research 3
COM Elective 4 3
Minor or General Electives 3
COM 491 Internship 3
COM 395 Ethics and Global Journalism (WI) 3
COM 430 Strategic Media Writing 3
Minor or General Electives 6
COM 440 Campaign Management: Public Relations & Advertising 3
COM Elective 4 3
Minor or General Electives 7
 Total Hours120