Gerontology Minor

This minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of aging in America. It prepares students to understand the problems, prospects, and policy issues involved in aging. The requirements for a minor in Gerontology are 18 semester hours, which must include:

Course Title Credits
SY 370Aging and Human Development3
or SW 370 Aging and Human Development
SY 340Perspectives on Death and Dying3
or SW 371 Perspectives on Death and Dying
Select the remaining twelve hours of electives from the following courses:12
Ethnic and Minority Group Relations
Medicine and Society
Sociology of Religion
Independent Study
Independent Study
Independent Study
Aging Practicum
Advanced Seminar in Aging
Social Work in Health Care
Community Engagement and Leadership
Human Behavior and Social Environment I
Independent Study
Health Aspects of Aging
Adult Development and Aging
Recreation for the Aged
Total Hours18

There are no prerequisites for Gerontology minors.