Political Science Minor

The Political Science minor requires twenty-one semester hours, including:

Course Title Credits
PSC 100Introduction to American Government3
PSC 102Introduction to State and Local Government3
At least 3 hours from each of the 3 fields:9
Theory and Methodology
American Government
Global Studies
Select 6 hours of political science electives6
Total Hours21

Fields of Political Science

Course Title Credits
American Government
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to the Law
Politics and Film
Probate Courts and Administrative Law
Political Parties (WI)
The Legislative Process
Religion, Politics and Policy
Legal Reasoning
Constitutional Law I
Constitutional Law II
Southern Politics
Politics and Public Opinion
The Judicial Process
Global Studies
Introduction to International Relations
Governments of Europe
Governments of Latin America
Governments of the Middle East
American Foreign Policy
Governments of Asia
Comparative Politics
Public Administration and Policy
Introduction to Public Policy
Introduction to Public Administration
Inter-governmental Relations
The American Executive
Theory and Methodology
Political Science Methods
Ancient and Medieval Political Theory
Modern Political Theory (WI)
American Political Thought
Introduction to Political Psychology