Anthropology (AN)

AN 224  Introduction to Anthropology  (3)  

Surveys the field of anthropology, including cultural anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

AN 225  Introduction to Archaeology  (3)  

A study of the history, methodology, problems, and theory of archaeology including an outline of prehistoric cultural development in both the New and Old Worlds.

AN 299  Archaeology Field Techniques  (3)  

Introduction to techniques and theory of conducting archaeological excavation. Four days per week field experience.

AN 320  Archaeology of the Vikings  (3)  

Examination of the Viking Age (ca. AD 793-1066) in Scandinavia, Europe, and the North Atlantic through literature, artifacts, and environment, including the impact of the medieval Norse in popular culture.

AN 344  Principles of Archaeology  (3)  

An examination of the ways in which the archaeologist recovers archaeological data. Methods, theory, actual field work, and field trips to archaeological sites will be included in this course.

AN 345  Cultural Anthropology  (3)  

A global survey of the dynamics of cultural systems, including subsistence, kinship, marriage, sex and gender, politics, and religion.

AN 347  Current Social Issues  (3)  

An examination of how anthropology offers insight into national and international problems and events. Topics covered include environmental issues, poverty, crime, warfare, gender, and racism

AN 348  Indigenous North America  (3)  

Uses archaeological and ethnographic data to understand the diversity of Indigenous North American societies and their contributions to contemporary American culture.

AN 349  Archaeology of Mesoamerica  (3)  

Surveys the history, archaeology, and culture of Indigenous societies in Mexico and Central America during the last ten thousand years.

AN 350  Biological Anthropology  (3)  

This course surveys the study of human biology from an anthropological perspective, including evolutionary theory, genetics, the fossil record of human ancestry, primatology, race, and variation, along with the cultural aspects of biology, medicine, and disease.

AN 361  Anthropology of Sexual Behavior  (3)  

A cross-cultural survey of sexual behavior, gender roles, and male-female relations among the world's societies, including biological and cultural influences on sexual phenomena.

AN 399  Anthropology Study Tour  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): AN 224 or approval of instructor.

Topics, excursions, and requirements determined by department. May be duplicated for credit; however, only 3 credits may be applied toward any major or minor. Infrequently scheduled and subject to minimum and maximum numbers. Advance deposit may be required.

AN 410  Archaeological Field School  (3)  

This course is designed to provide the student field experience in methodology and techniques of archaeological data recovery. May be duplicated for credit for a total of 6 semester hours.

AN 413  Laboratory Techniques in Archaeology  (3)  

Instruction and experience in the techniques of post-excavation archaeological analysis. Includes artifact preparation, analysis, cataloging, and curation; analysis of environmental samples; preparation of site maps and drawings; and reporting of results.

AN 490  Advanced Seminar in Anthropology  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): AN 224.

An examination of current issues in anthropology. The content of this course will vary each semester. Students seeking admission must have advanced standing and secure approval of instructor. May be duplicated for credit for a total of 9 semester hours.

AN 493  Independent Study  (1)  

Prerequisite(s): Approval of department head and instructor required.

An opportunity for students with advanced standing to engage in special research projects in anthropology. May be duplicated for credit for a total of 3 semester hours. Grades: Pass/Fail.