Asian Studies (ASN)

ASN 151  Introduction to Asian Studies  (3)  

Students in this course will gain a basic understanding of the history, cultures, and societies of Asia, and will be able to analyze important trends in Asia today.

ASN 301  Asia: Business, Energy, Technology, and Healthcare  (3)  

Students in this course will consider the position of Asia in the fields of business, energy, technology, and healthcare, and examine how students and professionals engage with Asia each day.

ASN 401  Asia Now  (3)  

An interdisciplinary history of the present in East, South, Southeast and Central Asia, with a focus on contemporary culture and society. Possible topics include film, music, social media, popular culture, tourism, art, sports, and religion.

ASN 402  Asia Pop!  (3)  

An exploration of the spread of Asian pop culture across the world. Possible areas of focus include popular music, Asian internet celebrity, fan cultures, e-sports and video games, among others.