Education Administration (EAD)

EAD 510  Action Research  (3)  

A study of the basic elements of action research design with effective research and evaluative strategies.

EAD 553  Instructional Leadership  (3)  

Principles of curriculum development, staff development, and instructional leadership at the local school and system levels.

EAD 556  Management of Student Services  (3)  

Procedures and policy development with regard to student services and school management.

EAD 562  School Administration  (3)  

Analysis of basic concepts of school administration with special emphasis on leadership, management, and administration.

EAD 563  School Finance  (3)  

Procedures and practices in educational finance and budgeting at local, state, and national levels.

EAD 564  Law and Politics of Education  (3)  

Legal and political structures under which public schools function with emphasis on school-community interaction and student services.

EAD 566  Internship in Educational Administration  (3)  

Supervised field-based experience; observation, study, and analysis of the administration of educational programs in selected schools; requires a minimum of 300 clock hours of supervised internship. Should be scheduled at the end of a student's program. A student must be in the last or next-to-last semester of study to register for this course. Must be completed at JSU. Fall and Spring only.

EAD 576  Internship in Instructional Leadership  (3)  
EAD 610  Research in Educational Administration  (3)  

Introduction to and utilization of essential research skills with an emphasis on application, ethics, and report-writing as commonly needed in the field; should be scheduled early in the program.

EAD 622  Effective Schools Research  (3)  

Critique of research literature on effective schools and effective instruction with implications for school administrators.

EAD 636  School Plant Planning  (3)  

Procedures and issues related to design, development, and operation of educational plant facilities.

EAD 637  School Personnel Administration  (3)  

Procedures and issues related to administration of effective and efficient school personnel programs.

EAD 648  Curriculum Issues in Administration  (3)  

Analysis and discussion of curriculum issues and application of a process approach to curriculum review and development in the local school/school district level.

EAD 655  Supervision and Staff Development  (3)  

Study of theories of supervision; assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating staff development programs; mentorships. Open to educational majors only.

EAD 681  Problems in Educational Administration I  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): EAD 610.

Development of a practical problem-solving process in relation to the administration of schools and school systems. This course culminates in a public presentation of a school-based problem-solving project. Course must be scheduled near the end of a student's program.

EAD 682  Problems in Educational Administration II  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): EAD 681.

Continuation of practical problem - solving in relation to the administration of schools and school systems culminating in a public presentation of a school based problem-solving project.