Library Media (LM)

LM 512  Children's and Young Adult Literature  (3)  

Evaluation of books and other materials for junior/senior high school students. Selection aids, selection criteria, and interests, needs, and abilities of young adults emphasized; children's literature component included for those who have not previously taken a children's literature course.

LM 513  Management of Media Centers  (3)  

Policies and procedures relative to the operation of a media center.

LM 515  Internship in Media Services  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): Approval of the instructor.

Directed experience in performing various services in a school library media center. Must be completed at JSU.

LM 516  Practicum in Media Services  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): approval of the instructor.

Directed experience in performing various services in a school library media center.

LM 530  Librarian as Instructional Partner  (3)  

Examines the techniques needed for successful instruction across various grade levels and disciplines with a focus on standards-based instruction and assessment.

LM 531  Trends, Issues, Innovation and Leadership in Libraries and Schools  (3)  

A survey of the current trends and issues that affect libraries and schools. Promotes the process of becoming a school-based leader and instructional partner.

LM 532  Collection Management, Cataloging, and Reference  (3)  

Criteria of selection and evaluation of media center materials for building a library media collection to support the curriculum and encourage reading for pleasure. Principles and procedures of classifying and cataloging print and non-print media. Study and evaluation of basic reference sources and services.

LM 612  Advanced Materials for Children and Young Adults  (3)  

Applies innovative tools and techniques for access and utilization of materials for children and young adults in the classroom as they relate to collaboration with teachers. E-books and other electronic media emphasized. Lesson plans that are technology-oriented will be developed as students explore the integration of a variety of materials as they relate to learning styles and enhancement of learning.