Education (ED)

ED 500  Introduction to Graduate Education and Technology  (1)  

An introductory course for all graduate programs in the College of Education & Professional Studies. It is a requirement for all graduate students (Alternative 5th Year Masters Class A Certificate), and is required during the first semester of classes.

ED 501  Introduction to Graduate Teacher Education  (3)  

This is an introductory course to graduate teacher education and the School of Education Conceptual Framework. Such a course is a requirement for all initial education candidates including Alternative-A Master's candidates, and corresponds to the ED 300 undergraduate requirement. ED 501 is required prior to any practicum courses in the Alternative-A Master's Program and is required prior to teacher education program eligibility. ED 501 can be taken in the first semester of graduate course work.

ED 508  Internship in Applied Teaching and Learning  (3)  

This is a course for teacher candidates whose edTPA submissions did not meet the professional performance standards as defined by the Alabama Department of Education. This course will include an internship clinical experience coupled with support and guidance for retake of the edTPA. Enrollment in ED 508 requires permission of the Department Head and approved edTPA retake plan designed by the candidate and the assigned academic program faculty member.

ED 510  Academic Research for the Teacher  (3)  

Requires Teacher Education Program eligibility. An interpretation and conceptualization of research in education with a focus on how to locate, read, and analyze research as well as educational implications.

ED 595  Internship in Education  (3)  

Prerequisite(s): Approval of academic adviser.

Corequisite(s): To be taken concurrently with ED 596 Reflective Practices in Education (3).

Grade: Pass or Fail only. Internship will be under the supervision of a cooperating teacher and a university supervisor. Internship is a semester-long course.

ED 596  Reflective Practices in Education  (3)  

Corequisite(s): To be taken concurrently with ED 595 Internship in Education (3).

This course contributes to the preparation and meaningfulness of the student internship and is a hybrid course. This hybrid course is a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning. Grade: Pass/Fail