Public Health (PH)

PH 502  Theories of Health Behavior and Communication  (3)  
This course provides an overview of basic behavior change theories that are often used in public health initiatives and how to communicate health-related information to targeted audiences. Additionally, the course will focus on the uses of media to influence individuals' decision-making and social development.
PH 511  Biostatistics  (3)  
This course will introduce basic concepts and techniques in the analysis of public health data, from initial study design to exploratory data analysis to inferential statistics.
PH 517  Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health  (3)  
This course explores broad level behavioral and social determinants of health and how they influence the well-being of people and the communities where they live.
PH 520  Administration of Public Health Initiatives  (3)  
This course provides a study of basic principles, theories, and practices of public health administration with emphasis on the development and organization of administering health initiatives from voluntary and official agencies to meet community health needs.
PH 525  Issues and Trends in Public Health  (3)  
This course prepares students to critically examine the current social, psychological, and cultural factors that have an impact on public health in community, national, and global contexts. These factors may include population characteristics, individual beliefs and behaviors, and policies that affect health problems and solutions.
PH 527  Epidemiology for Public Health  (3)  
This course is designed to introduce students in all fields of public health to the background, basic principles, and methods of public health epidemiology.
PH 530  Research Design  (3)  
This course prepares students to learn and apply research methodology to problems in public health through the fundamentals of research study design and methods. It serves as an introduction to qualitative and quantitative approaches to research, as well as ethical issues in conducting research.
PH 535  Survey Research Methods in Public Health  (3)  
This course exposes students to the practical aspects of public health survey research by emphasizing the development of skills to design and administer a survey questionnaire. Techniques of survey research are introduced including survey design, modes of data collection, sampling, questionnaire construction, maintaining data quality, pretesting techniques, and ethical considerations of survey research.
PH 536  Qualitative Methods for Public Health  (3)  
This course introduces graduate students to qualitative research methods for conducting meaningful inquiry and research.
PH 540  Health Communication and Leadership  (3)  
This course introduces the theory, design, and implementation of health communication programs. The second half of the course aims to increase the effectiveness of leaders as they manage individuals and teams in public health settings.
PH 541  Rural Public Health Practices  (3)  
This course provides an overview of public health issues in rural populations and is designed to give students an understanding of the influence of rurality on health.
PH 550  Global Health  (3)  
This course prepares students to critically examine public health issues from a global perspective. It will advance students’ understanding of the dynamic nature of global threats and how governance efforts to respond and promote health are affected by politics, regional differences (such as culture, tradition, etc.), socioeconomic development, and globalization throughout the world.
PH 552  Public Health Policy  (3)  
This course intends to build an understanding of health systems and policies through exploration of the formation, implementation, and interaction of health policies at various levels of the US “health system” while emphasizing the interconnectedness and intersectionality of the populations and sub-populations served. The exploration includes overlapping policies emanating from different statutory, regulatory, and advisory bodies at multiple levels (Global Health Policy, US Health and Health Policy, State Health Policy, Municipal Health Policy, and Organizational Health Policy), the history and impact of those policies, and the evolution and impact of public health policy programs on population health outcomes.
PH 560  Field Experience in Public Health  (3)  
Students will engage in supervised experiences in the field of public health to enhance acquisition of real-world knowledge and skills.
PH 562  Directed Studies in Public Health  (3)  
This course requires professional experiences in health settings facilitated by preceptors and supervised by faculty.