Instructional Media (EIM)

EIM 502  Technology in Education  (3)  

The use of technology in the school setting. Research, small group discussions, and demonstrated applications will be emphasized.

EIM 503  Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning  (3)  

Introduction to instructional technology, focusing on methods for integrating technology and media into classroom instruction.

EIM 504  Learning Through Interactive Technologies  (3)  

Survey of current software and web-based technological applications in alignment with the needs of today's learners.

EIM 505  Digital Literacy in the Classroom  (3)  

Study of current school-based technological processes and procedures with an emphasis on student and teacher empowerment in the areas of finding, evaluating, and using digital products; understanding social and ethical issues raised by technology; and applying critical thinking skills to the use of technology in the K-12 environment.

EIM 517  Designing Virtual Learning Spaces  (3)  

Examines best practices of quality online courses. Students will plan, design, and develop online instructional materials with a focus on collaboration and interactivity to improve the educational experience of the user.

EIM 551  Technology in School Environments  (3)  

Examines the processes and technology in the K-12 environment, including the media center, the classroom, and via wireless/data plan networks.

EIM 555  Instructional Design  (3)  

Design and development of a systematic approach to learner-based instruction emphasizing the role of technology and media in the learning process.

EIM 610  Emerging Technology and Collaborative Tools  (3)  

Introduces the latest innovative technologies that promote learning. Students will explore various learning environments and develop technology enhanced educational activities that are engaging, collaborative, and place emphasis on increasing student achievement.

EIM 615  Online Course Design  (3)  

Examines the best practices of quality online courses for the K-12 environment. Students will plan, design, and develop a medial rich online course with a focus on collaboration and interactivity. Courses will be designed to meet iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Program.

EIM 620  Educational Multi-Media and Video  (3)  

Introduces the basics of video production utilizing digital video recording devices and video editing equipment. Students will study video technologies, basic equipment operation, video composition and video storytelling. Topics stress the creation of digital video productions for inclusion in multimedia and web applications for educational settings.

EIM 624  Advanced Digital Photography in Education  (3)  

Addresses the technical, visual, and conceptual challenges involved with digital photography in an educational setting. Topics include digital photography processes, file and storage consideration, image evaluation, image manipulation, and methods for using digital images to develop critical thinking skills.